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How it Works

1. Choose your product & shop from uk

Use our UK address to shop your products
or send us the product link for purchase

2. Receive & ship your packages

Order from multiple website, We will
receive, pack and consolidate all of your parcels

3. Deliver to your step-door

No pain for customs or anything – We will deliver to your step-door directly.

Choose your product and shop from UK

We will hep you to buy from UK or use our warehouse address to shop from UK.

Combine your packages

Shop on multiple websites, we will handle all of your parcels.

Deliver to your stepdoor

No pain for customs, pick product or anything – 

We will deliver to your door directly.

Shop All the UK brands you love!

Shop All the UK brands you love!

Sadik Cargo makes it easy for you to shop any UK website and receive your packages to your step door.

- and many more

Features You Will Love

Thousand of Customer use SadikCargo
Over 1 Million Packages Delivered and Counting!

About us :-

Sadik Cargo

About us :-

Sadik Cargo is Helping Bangladeshi People to Bring Products from Any UK websites. We Delivered 50K Parcel last 3 Years. We have worked hard to bring UK Products not for just Personal clients, but for business Clients too. We make UK Delivery to Bangladesh more easy though our service.

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